A letter from Congo

  •  Betty Ge 
MWS-ACT has recently received an update from our charity project: Women In Congo. While the project is expanding and helping more women and children in Congo to gain access to education, challenges still remain. Please see the update below:
I would like to touch base since it has been long time since we share some information of our organisation PFE.​
We are doing well and we are happy that the Ebola situation which is affecting the North part of our province North Kivu (Beni and Butembo territories) is reducing, even though there are still few cases under WHO and National Health Ministry monitoring. There is hope that  this crisis could be contained soon. ​
In Goma, where we are running the women and children center, there were few cases reported in August 2019, but since there the situation is back to normal. ​
Children have started to play again together and are attending class as you can see in these photos. ​
We are facing challenges to pay  teachers, we have now 10 since the children are now more than 300 enrolled at school. Each teacher has 60$ per month but now it is a bit difficult for us to cover this budget of 600$ per month. We are able to afford only half of this monthly budget and I wanted to request some support from Medical Women if possible. This year, we have also added two new schools in two villages, Mudja and Bushumba, where children are facing many challenges to access education, we are still at the beginning and hope to support them as well and teachers (3 in Mudja and 3 in Bushumba) are volunteers. We provided only to them a piece of land and two goats to each so that they can start farming since it is in the village. Hope this strategy will work.  ​
Many thanks indeed for your continual support and best wishes