John James Memorial Foundation

The John James Memorial Foundation wishes to forge ties with the MWS of the ACT.

In July 2008, two of our members, Liz Gallagher and Janelle McDonald visited the Katherine region as part of an outreach gynaecological clinic. They saw 68 women, thereby decreasing the waiting list for transport to Katherine Darwin for treatment. Liz found the experience fulfilling and is already planning to go again next year as part of the Specialist Volunteer Services Program.

If any other members are interested, the JJMF would act as a co-ordinator and all doctors and health care workers under the JJMF banner would be badged as JJMF volunteers. JJMF would make all the necessary arrangements including Medical Board registration and pay for travel and accommodation, etc. There will also be contact with Aboriginal liaison officers in the relevant hospitals to ensure culturally appropriate practice.

The needs are mostly within the fields of ENT, O&G, Orthopaedics, General Surgery, Anaesthetics and Dental.

Further information can be found on the website