About & Membership

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Our aims are  :
a) to support,  and further the professional development of, our female colleagues, including medical students,
b) practical concern for women and children on a global scale.

The Medical Women’s Society of the ACT and Region aims to foster communication between medical women, both in the ACT and in the surrounding NSW towns.  Our members live and work as far away as Crookwell and the Sapphire coast and we cater for all ages.  We have a strong link to the Medical Schools of Sydney University and the ANU, with student representatives from each of these schools on our committee.  The student membership is free, while we ask $60.00 as an annual membership for the qualified members, to pay for costs and for the affiliation fees for the Australian Federation of Medical Women.

The Society has several roles.

Firstly we are a networking group.  The members have different needs, such as women newly arrived in the region wanting to meet other women with similar interests and make to make friends.  There is a Medical Women’s Playgroup which meets at irregular intervals at Black Mountain Peninsula.  We are GP’s, specialists and registrars working in hospitals, private practice and in administration.

We meet five times a year at various venues, with different themes, but usually associated with dinner or cocktails often with an educational or inspirational component. One of our gatherings is a designated fundraising dinner, where we specifically aim to raise money for a charity related to women’s and children’s health.    Our current charities are The Fijian Village Project, an initiative of local Medical Students and an orphanage in Zimbabwe.

We have a role in student support and mentoring. Through our student committee members we have been made aware of certain problems and have been able to support morally and practically. A new initiative for 2009 will be a mentoring night for the First Year students, in which they will be able to talk to local members having a range of  experience from General Practice to Obstetrics to Orthopedics.  A focus will be life-work balance with and without families.

In addition, the local Medical Women’s Societies are affiliated with the Australian Federation of Medical Women which is in turn affiliated with Medical Women’s International Association.  We have members on multiple national Women’s lobby groups, particularly in relationship to women’s health.

We always welcome new members.  To join fill in our membership application form and post it today.