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About the MWS of the ACT and Region

We support and further the professional development of our female colleague in the ACT and Region.

About Us

The Medical Women’s Society of the ACT and Region aims to foster communication between medical women, both in the ACT and in the surrounding NSW towns.  Our members live and work as far away as Crookwell and the Sapphire coast and we cater for all ages.  We have a strong link to the Medical Schools of Sydney University and the ANU, with student representatives from each of these schools on our committee.

Our Membership

The student membership is free, while we ask $102.00 as an annual membership for the qualified members, to pay for costs and for the affiliation fees for the Australian Federation of Medical Women (AFMW).  There is a $20 discount for Retired Members. As a member of NSW ACT & Region, you can also secure affiliate access to AFMW. We welcome new members

Our Role & What We Do

Our Aims

  • To support, and further the professional development of, our female colleagues, including medical students
  • Practical concern for women and children on a global scale

Our Affiliations

We are affiliated with the Australian Federation of Medical Women which is in turn affiliated with Medical Women’s International Association.  We have members on multiple national Women’s lobby groups, particularly in relationship to women’s health.

Our Executive on Committee

Dr Anita Hutchison


Dr Brenda Masters

Vice President

Dr Kristi Bateman


Dr Linda Welberry


Our History

In 1896 Australia’s first medical women’s society was formed by an inspiring group of ten Victorian female doctors, including Constance Stone.

The AFMW was formed in 1927 and today the AFMW offers an important network for female doctors Australia wide.

After 1950, other states, including MWS ACT and Region, were formed.

The History of the Medical Women’s Societies

National & International Affiliates

Interested in being involved?

We welcome new members and participation in MWS ACT And Region activities.

Our Constitution

Our Constitution has been written to optimise inclusive and effective management of our aims, and can be accessed here.

Most recently updated November 2023.